Read / Get to Read (Oku / Okut)

Everyone can join in on the READ / GET TO READ project. The purpose is initially to popularize the habit of reading books, and to get books to our people who have a hard time getting to books.

All you need to do is to READ and give the book that you have read to someone else.

And the person to whom you have given the book will give it to someone else after reading it. And the book will go on with its way by being read. The book will always be a DEPOSIT for the person who is reading it, and the book will never have an owner. The book will never come back to me. This way, the same book will be handed around and read by many people.

Everyone who has read the book will put down their names and signatures at the end of the book. Thus, the person with the book will see how many people has read it. Those to join in on this project will not pay a fee. I will be covering the books and cargo expenses. However, because of my experiences from social media from before, I believe that it might attract a huge demand and that it could be difficult for me to deal with all demands. Because I may not be enough to send books to everybody who wants one, so my friends can send books to me and support the campaign if they want to. And I will be sending the books that I receive to those who demand them. These books will in no way have political or religious content. They will be Turkish and World classics that are generally recognized by literary communities. My friends who are interested can message me. I will do my best to meet their demands.
What I was asked the most about was this: And I would like to answer it in advance… “Why are you doing this?” I am doing this because I believe that my country can recover solely through reading, and I would like to do something for our people, albeit small. If you agree with me, join me and support the books getting to people, and let’s not forget that each book that is read is a torch that is lit into the darkness.