This NFT is the first NFT poetry book that is created from a book to be published after being written on original photos and posted on social media. It has been created by bringing together a total of 118 images. All of the poems that have been published on social media were made into a published book with the name of “the Branches of Life” in 2018.

The poems have been posted on social media, mostly on Facebook, with the “DON’T BREAK THE CHAIN” method, at least ONE NEW POEM PER DAY between April 2016 / November 2017, with some exceptions.

The complete list of the posts shared on the social media accounts can be found below based on the book index with their links. The English translations of the poems can also be found below the links. Therefore, this is also the first bilingual NFT POETRY book in the world. If we were to consider the coding language that is used to create this NFT as one language, it consists of a trilingual structure (Turkish, English and the coding language), almost like the ROSETTA STONE.

All of the photos in the NFT are originals. The photos with poems on them have been taken by either Anacreon or Mrs. Elvan Güney. The majority of the social media connections are on Facebook. Anacreon’s Facebook account is a social media page that has been online since 2016 and that has 160.000 followers.

And Anacreon’s Instagram page has been online since 2016 as well, with 6500 followers.

This NFT, Anacreon’s social media accounts and the published book called the Branches of Life have been created by Mustafa Ahmet Baysal, who uses the pen name of Anacreon, who was born in 1978 and who lives in Istanbul.

anakreon nft @opensea’s poetry book in NFT format is selling on Anakreon Opensea Profile page

Please click here to read, Anakreon’s very first poetry book which has been published on October 2018, “THE BRANCHES OF LIFE

* All rights reserved.


* All rights reserved.

October 2018
My very first, poetry book has been published.
Thank you for your intense interest.